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The Power of Perspective (what your boss sees in you)

What your boss sees in you can be anything from a future leader or a regular employee. It’s also important to know whether or not you are showing the right qualities of a future leader. If it was as easy as being asked the question “are you ready to step up?”. Then answering yes would be instantaneous. But good leaders don't always go for this direct approach, otherwise you wouldn’t have worked hard for it prior to knowing.

The best leader doesn’t just look after his business but also looks after the development of his employees. They’re not always vocal about it, and they have to see it in you in a consistent manner. Yes, it is a cut throat world out there. And they probably had gone through the same development themselves, with very good reason. They are always looking for someone that's willing to go beyond the norm to finally get that well deserved promotion.

The easiest way to impress your boss is to always look sharp. I know what’s on the outside doesn’t make the man, but it’s what on the inside that counts. But looking sharp and dressing to impress actually says a lot about a man’s character. It simply says “I woke up early to iron my clothes, put on my battle suit because it’s a Monday, put on hair gel and ate my breakfast on time.” It also says I am invested in myself to take on any task ahead of me.

Initiative is key. Any boss appreciates someone that doesn’t need to be told to get things done. Doing this actually goes a long way into your self investment and career. Think of it as having Plan A visible to everyone as clear as day. Now come up with a Plan B, C or D. Thinking ahead is what future leaders do and by doing this you’re already separating yourself from the herd.

Be on time all the time. Yes, this may be a given standard but you’ll be surprised how often people waste job opportunities just because they were late for work. Sometimes, the smallest things can be a huge deal breaker. If you can’t be trusted to come to work on time, then don’t expect huge projects to be assigned to you just yet. An excellent work ethic trumps even the most talented ones.

Respect your peers. You may be the employee of the month for the past 2 months. But that doesn’t mean you get to gloat about it all day or whenever you have the chance to. Respect begets respect. Your peers may or may not be your future subordinates. Earn that respect the right way and be loved for what attitude you show and for the work you do. Hate is a virus and can easily spread, when you show compassion towards your fellow men, it reflects as your innate values.

The Game of Mimicry. To become a manager, one must think like a manager. That’s what I learned after working for a corporation for years. One has to properly delegate time for specific tasks on any given day and the list goes on. If given a chance, secretly shadow your boss’s behavior and work patterns. Put a mental note into everything he does, cross out those things you think you can do better and absorb those you know nothing about. This is a surefire way to get into that mindset that you are headed towards something great and to get there, you have to act like one.

Encourage and finish more work if you can. This can both work for you and against you, so tread lightly. Only ask for more if you think you can finish what’s already on your plate. This tells your boss that you are hungry for experience and want to learn tirelessly. Don’t fret too much for those tasks that you’re not ready for yet. Accept them and do extensive research about it and do it. If you’re not satisfied with your attempt, ask your boss personally. By this time, he’s already appreciated your version of it and would gladly guide you all throughout the rest. Remember, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.